Emma Haller, digital consultant
Deliver your strategy by leveraging Emma's experience

Emma Haller - Digital consultantEmma commenced her digital journey in 1998, as a hands-on manager Emma led her team through the .com boom.

Upon moving to Spain Emma consulted for many Irish government clients while starting her own bi-lingual property portal (including the first mobile property website). Emma has seen the highs and the lows, the winners and the losers in this digital age.

Emma and her family settled in Australia in 2011, since then the emphasis on convenience and relevance to custmomers has increased exponentially. Emma has led her clients and teams through the landmines of new technologies that would be cool but may not be appropriate at the time.

Emma takes time to uncover the root cause of the problem before any solutions are designed, using co-design and collaboration Emma works closely with all stakeholders and staff to see the problem from all perspectives then uses her vast experience to design a solution that will solve the problem using technology and data.

Emma believes that digital enables businesses and communities to reduce the distance from the customer to the heart of the business!

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