Data is the secret to a great customer experience

Data is the heartbeat of great digital and customer experience! Digital Xperience provide a holistic view at the problem you are solving  from an internal and external lens, then work with your teams to deliver insights and valuable outcomes.


Can you personalize your customer's journey?
You have a problem with your dataflow

We live in a digital world driven by Customer demand, in our customer centric world the Customer experience (CX) has become the great differentiator.

Nearly 50 percent of the organizations Gartner surveyed for its Trend Insight Report can track the financial benefits of their CX projects, and over 80 percent expect to compete mainly through better CX in the future.

A typical scenario organisations face is with siloed systems and processes that inevitably cause duplicates in your data.

Until you can master and trust your data you cannot:

  • gain a single view of a customer
  • optimise interaction opportunities
  • make evidence based business decisions
  • reduce manual processes and associated costs


Not getting the uptake you thought for your product or service?
Are you sure you are solving the right problems?

Trends and customer expectations are constantly evolving, if your service or product is no longer meeting the mark.

Make sure you understand your customers using personas and customer journey maps. these are used to define the problems that your customers are experiencing.

Including your teams, especially the front-line customer facing staff, to think of novel approaches to spark creativity and buy-in to the process and the outcome – a change management dream!

Wireframing the interactions following customer journeys allows an opportunity to test, pivot and improve earlier and at a reduced cost.


How well do you know the market you are operating in?
Let's work together to explore untapped opportunities in your market or sub-markets!

Forrester research tells us that 93% of citizens commence an online experience via search engines.

Knowing the volume of what citizens are searching for, helps prioritise services. 

Knowing the detail of what citizens are searching for, helps inform program design and delivery. 

Accessing data science tools identify

  • Opportunities in the market
  • Competitors
  • Partners


We work through an evidence based approach to understanding the most valuable features required to launch an innovation or MVP.

We work with you to ensure all outcomes are aligned to your remit but most importantly, we can pivot quickly and deliver outcomes in a fraction of the traditional approaches.

We help you to

Want to connect with your customers but are not sure where to start? Find out what people are searching for

Gain a single customer view
Redefine processes and programs
Data-driven decision making
Personalise customer experiences
Understand your customers using personas
Evidence based market research
Streamlined employee experience
Map and optimise your customer journeys
Prioritised feature list


We firmly believe in the guiding principle of Collaborate and conquer.

We work with some of the best and most ethical organisations in their fields.

Using data and science to uncover, develop and validate statistically sound market strategies.
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Data Holistic Integration was formed to make your data journey faster and more rewarding!
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Emma Haller


Emma is a digital professional with 20+ years focusing on improving customer experiences across numerous industries and enterprises. Emma has found the largest gap in all organisations is the accuracy and trust in the data, Emma uses a variety of processes to uncover insights and surface IP within organisations using data driven Human centred design. These processes focus on gathering accurate insights, solution focus and rapid learnings with ability to pivot where needed.