It has taken me decased to make it look this easy

Writing about yourself is never an easy task so instead I will tell you a story.

I was born into a technology family, my parents owned their own software company. Dad was the architect and Mum was the Marketing Director. I often compare my childhood to an apprenticeship where most discussions revolved around the Customer and technology. Dad was very keen on making systems easy to use (before the days of graphical interfaces). I can’t say that I appreciated the experience at the time but it definitely had a profound effect on my future career choice.

When I commenced on my Digital journey in an agency in Dublin, it all seemed very natural to me.

I was promoted to be the General Manager within a year, I translated client requirements into a user interface and a technical spec. I LOVED it, this was my natural talent which made me very happy and delighted our clients. We developed our own e-commerce software and enjoyed great success during the .com era!

Upon starting a family I had the best of both worlds and commenced consultancy work, I was fortunate to have a great reputation and satisfied clients who sought me out and continued our digital relationship.

Forward fast some great years and amazing pieces of work to moving to Spain with my family and starting my own business, a bi-lingual property portal. The concept was to make the most of the “for sale” sign outside a property by adding a SMS code to the sign which would query my database with property information. Instantaneously the estate agent would receive a notification with the customers phone number and the house they were enquiring about. An introduction and hot lead. The customer could then look at property photos from their mobile phone (the days before smart phones).

During this time I got to experience first hand all the various tasks involved in running a business. This steep learning curve has served me well for all future engagements.

When the GFC hit we made a decision as a family to move to Australia, this was in 2011 and we have never looked back.

Australia has provided me opportunities to work through some complex business problems and design customer centric solutions.

I design from the customers perspective, ensuring business needs are met or exceeded while delighting customers with an optimised experience.

I adore data and the potential it provides, whether it be an evidence base to reduce the risk of a vision or direction or connecting data sources to create a very relevant and personalised experience. I understand technology and stay up to date with market trends but I strongly believe that technology is an enabler and should easy to use, integrated and automated where possible and work on compliance in the background.

This focus helps me to reduce the distance for the customer to the heart of the business.