You have 8 seconds to grab attention

We can all agree that without customers we wouldn’t have a business, therefore it makes logical sense to put the customer in the centre of your focus and work out what they want or need then tell them about how you can meet their wants or needs.

Humans are complex and wonderfully individual, the brain has around 86 billion neurons, all of which are in use. Each of these 86 billion neurons communicate to form trillions of connections to share information.

Humans are complex machines, yet some many solutions seem to take a cookie cutter approach as if we were all identical. This may work on a transactional level but if your strategy is to deepen your relationship with your customers and promote loyalty through adding value then you need to re-think your approach…

Business is so often about compromise

  • The business has a need
  • The customer has a need

How can the business fulfil the customers need while the customer helps fulfil the business need??

Here are some fascinating facts:

  1. 90% of buying decisions are made in the unconscious mind
  2. It takes people 50 milliseconds to form an impression of a brand
  3. Our average attention span is just 8 seconds, a decrease of 4 seconds in the past 15 years
  4. Emotions guide our decision making in subtle ways
  5. Tone of voice can carry more meaning than the words used
  6. The slowest speed information passes through the brain is approximately 260MPH
  7. Our very short term memory can hold on average a maximum of 7 digits
  8. Our brain prefers images over text (65% of us are visual learners)
  9. Our brains usually choose the first option on a list (hence why search engine rankings are so important)

SO what does this actually mean?

We need to create simplified messages that can be remembered and understood within 8 seconds, the use of visuals is essential but lets not forget the power of words…

Sounds easy? Speak to me to discuss how I can help shape deeper customer relationships.