Digital has many meanings to many people depending on their motivation. To me it is users interacting with Technology. To understand this very simple statement we need to consider:

  1. What are users interacting with – search engines, websites, Apps, Social media, emails, SMS
  2. How are they interacting – Using devices such as desktop computers, phones, tablets, watches, glasses and now things (the internet of things)
  3. Why are they interacting – for administration reasons, to keep in contact, self-promotion, education, finding information, relaxation and enjoyment
  4. Where are they interacting – at home, at work, out and about, with friends or on the go
  5. When are they interacting – at convenient times that depend upon their lifestyle, work schedule, routine and responsibilities

To fully understand the statement of Digital is users interacting with Technology all of the variables above need to be understood and taken into consideration.

Your Digital strategy should focus on what you are offering to users and why they would want it. The delivery of this offering is the start of an exciting journey that will fulfil the users desires and meet your goals!

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