Emma Haller - DiEmma Haller is a dynamic Senior Digital Professional, with 16 years’ experience enhancing the Digital Economy through continued evolution of websites in response to growing Customer Expectations and mobile technology uptake. In today’s modern commercial market, technology is central to an competitive organisation’s Customer offering, simplifying the most complex Customer operations to both ensure an engaged Customer and an optimised Return on Investment. Emma understands Customer behaviour using analytics, focus groups and customer feedback to diagnose issues, optimises digital technology, and develop targeted user-centric working solutions.

In our increasingly mobile world, Emma continually analyses ever changing digital trends, provides up to the minute, concise and factual information that enables swift and informed decision making, empowering the organisation to rapidly adapt their digital strategy and online service offerings. Emma has a reputation for delivery even in the most challenging of environments. With a vast range of knowledge in the digital field, she offers insightful advice on all aspects of the customer journey from search and user experience, through to fit for purpose underlying technology, and how all elements integrate to offer the optimum experience for the Customer.

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